Whip It With Z: Happy Halloween Greek Graveyard Dip by Guest Chef Brianna Meurer

Happy Hall🎃ween Creative$! We have a spooky receipe for you below thanks to our amazing Guest Chef Brianna Meurer! It's a healthy base before all that candy and celebrating ;-)!

Peep below for this tasty creepy appetizer 🎃🎃!

Greek Graveyard Dip

1c plain greek yogurt
1/4c feta
3/4c chopped tomato
8oz or more of hummus spread on top
Handful of pine nuts
1c chopped cucumbers
1/3c chopped green onion
1/3c chopped black olives
Bag of sea salt pita chips
Olive tempanade

Scoop the greek yogurt into a pie dish and spread evenly. Top with feta and chopped tomato and then lightly press them down into the greek yogurt. Slowly spread a full tub of hummus (I used Trader Joes organic original one but feel free to use a garlic or pine nut one) over the the greek yogurt to cover those ingredients. I sprinkled a handful of pine nuts around the border for a little extra crunch and to cover up any remaining yogurt. Next it's time to make the grass by evenly distributing the cucumbers over the hummus. Fill in any holes with chopped green onion (or chopped spinach if you're not an onion person!) To give a little more contrast to the dish, sprinkle chopped black olives around the border.

Now it's time to make your tombstones. Grab your pita chips and cautiously round the edges with a cheese grater. Place them upright in your graveyard. To top it off, I added some Trader Joe's olive tempanade in front of the tombstones as dirt. Put the remaining pita chips out to enjoy with the dip. Happy Halloween!!


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