Listen With Z: A Creative Made This Playlist Series 2020 🎢🎡

Great Day Creative$!

A LOT has happened already in 2020 and honestly the only thing keeping me going is the love I have for God my loved ones and music. Music keeps us together and keeps us informed. During times like this we should be unified and spreading love. That's my goal for these next couples of weeks...KEEP US TOGETHER.

So I asked some of dope friends, creatives, and influencers to come up with their own playlists of songs that have been keeping them motivated, inspired, and creative through it all in a series entitled A Creative Made This! Here you will see their playlists on my website and will be available across streaming platforms so you guy can access them to play at your own leisure! I am so blessed to know these individuals' love for music is just as strong if not stronger than mines. Follow them, share their stories and support each other. I hope to spread some love during these times. Stop by whenever you need that vibe trust me we will always be here for you.



Love, Z



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