Rap Along With Z: Welcome by Dash Machete

Happy WCW to all my Creative$ especially my Women Bosses! We got a brand new Rap Along featuring Brooklyn's own Rapper/Songwriter Dash Machete. Peep below for the swaggy lyrics to her new single Welcome exclusively on zinzabell.com.

Welcome Lyrics


Verse 1: 
She’s Sickest of them all 
Ain’t no fever 
But you know that 
Haters Wanna take a picture
Tellem ain’t no Kodak 
Look but aint no touching 
No no, not until you Own that 
How you waste my time 
See now, see now 
Now you Owe that 
Sick of the standards 
Man I’m just
Keeping it candid (uh)
Shoot em like cannons 
Hanna Montana not standing (uh)
Hop in a phantom 
Not a co-sign (“kohsine”) 
No Tangent uh 
Y’all ain’t with standing 
Eat em like tuna and salmon 
I was grinding 08
Man I couldnt get break 
I was only 10 years old 
But my pen ain’t have
No age 
See I go and Get the cake
I don’t ever Hesitate 
Man I only Elevate 
Throw them dollars 
Get a rake 
And you know that It ain’t safe
Safe safe safe (baseball man sound)
It ain’t safe!
How Shanequa Innovate 
Aye aye
Raise the rate
See I been had what it takes
And that indicates 
That i been the teacher 
Bring that Pen and paper 
Only bout my paper (paper,paper)

I been quiet for while, steady plotting
But you know that, that, that, that 
That don’t mean I’m wicked though
only I got the sickest flow, 
you know that, that, that, that 

Know that (know that)
Know that (know that)
Know that (know that)
Know that 
Baby you know that, (know that) 
yeah you know that (know that)
Baby you.

Verse 2:
Step on all the obstacles 
I’m popping cus my melanin 
I am in the building you ain’t even in the residence 
Know that I’m shit 
You could hear it in my rhetoric  
Dash could really spit 
Half head bitches got impediments
Walking past ya man 
And he been
He been on me ever since
He ain’t in the pants 
But he know this pussy (clean version “know this x2) heaven sent 
Got no time to waste 
I’m too busy in my element 
I don’t want ya man 
But he want me in his regimen 
Let me tone down
Pipe was weak as fuck 
But it’s strong now 
Let me find out 
You was in that seat
But it’s Mine now 

Welcome x3

Verse 3:
You know this shit seldom 
So please try not to egg em 
I catch a case like Belkin  
You like the help. 
You Elfin 
So shoutout to 
Shout to Lauren 
Shout to Eve ( pronounce E V)
Shout to Kimmy
shout to Nicki 
Shout to Cardi 
Shout to shout to shout to
I shout them out 
Cus ain’t no doubt 
These women been through it 
Thanks for all the doors you opened up 
If I done been through it. 
Show me that I can do it 
Like Pangaea 
Hot like Pam like 
Damn Gina
I’m that Pam
That man eater
I was meant for This 
This beat is what I tempered 
Heat is what the temperature 
Defeat em just for emphasis 
Showing me no empathy 
Coldest Ones remember me
Sleeping they on canopy’s 
I’m the one they wanna be 
Got the keys 
And I’m selling 
Ten a piece 
Yelling peace to whoever 
End up on the E
I need receipts never trusting 
Tell em 
Get the fuck up out my way. 

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