Rap Along With Z: Finessin' by Sonya Teclai

Happy #WCW Day Boss Ladies! We got a brand new Rap Along featuring NY based musical/poet; Sonya Teclai. Sonya’s back with the follow up to her jazzy single Good Times released earlier this year. Her new single Finessin' (produced by DotRod) showcases the sultry singer’s smooth transition into hip hop. As Sonya raps circles around the trance like bass-heavy production, she brings a new fresh voice to the female rap scene. The singer/rapper continues maintaining her balance of being both effortlessly raw and delicate on a track. Finessin', is just a peek into what Sonya Teclai has in store as she gears up to release her debut album Sonya: Vol. 1. In the meantime peep below for the lyrics to Finessin' only on zinzabell.com and follow Sonya below to stay in tune with all of her amazing work.

Finessin' Lyrics:

Verse 1
I’m in Harlem like what’s shakin
B*tch I’m diddy bopping
If I walk outside skeet skirt traffic stopping
I'm in the building like yadida yeee
From my fro to my motherfuckin' toes I’m flee
B*tch I’m me
Can’t nobody mimic imitate or copycat (roger) copy that
I’m in my bag that’s my habitat
N*ggas come around just to adapt
I’m like relaxxxxxx
My head big but it’s still attached
God body got my soul intact
That’s on wax
Facts n*gga
I’m feeling like 7 figures on a ocean villa

I’m flexin
Mmmmmm finessin
I’m flexin
Finessin’ what

Verse 2
30 deep squad full of Africans
Gang gang 
Run it and we rep the set
Raised on hand me downs, 6 to a bed
Now we charge it to the game, arm and a leg
On citas I pull up with all divas
Lookin' like we got visas foreign features
Grim reapers (beep sound)
Upon arrival
Hand to bible eyes wide better check they vitals
Tribe on my back
Tribe on the deck
Word to Phife
Give 'em roses
While they still whif the scent
Time is bread
Selling like hotcakes
You kick the can
Never knowin' when that bucket is next
Til then I’m


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