Whip It With Z: Healthier Strawberry Lime Margarita by Guest Chef Brianna Meurer

Happy Wednesday Creative$! You know I love Wednesdays on zinzabell.com because I get to dedicate the day to all the beautiful hard working ladies in the world! I wanted to do something different today still within the WCW theme and bring in our first female guest chef as part of zinzabell.com food series! More to come on that, but for now I want to give a big thanks to my good friend Brianna Meurer for being a part of this!
We met in Atlanta and from then knew she was passionate and really creative about food. Good food too. Anyone who knows Brianna knows she's a real foodie with a passion to find healthful foods with maximum flavor. Based currently in Chicago, Bri is passionate about finding affordable, balanced, healthy lifestyles!
And honestly that's all we really want. Yall know I had to hit her up to share something nice for my viewers! Since its getting nice outside and we stay lit on zinzabell.com I had to contact my girl for one of her thirst quenching creations! She was so excited to share! I told her one word. Drink. And the rest is history...

Thanks Bri for this easy to make "Healthier Strawberry Lime Margarita" recipe! Click HERE to follow @briiannacatherine  and all of her delicious recipes! Tell her zinzabell sent ya! Your taste buds will thank me later :)! 

Cheers Creative$!

Yields: 1 drink

-Half of a large lime
-1 large strawberry
-Handful of ice cubes
-1 part blanco tequila (it's the least processed tequila)
-1 part couintreau (or triple sec)
-3 parts lime seltzer water
-Salt (optional for rim)
-1 small strawberry or lime for garnish

If you prefer salt, wet the rim of your cup and twist on a plate of salt and set aside. Squeeze half of a large lime into a small bowl. Chop one large strawberry and add to the bowl of lime juice. Muddle the strawberry until mashed. Set aside. Grab a handful of ice cubes and throw in a shaker. Pour the strawberry lime mixture, one part tequila and one part couintreau in with the ice. Shake for at least 30 seconds. This is important to allow little ice chips to break off in your drink. Pour into glass and add 3 parts lime seltzer. Stir, garnish with a strawberry or lime and enjoy!!

*If you prefer a sweeter drink, feel free to add 1/2 tsp of honey to the lime/strawberry mixture.



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