Rap Along With Z: Run It Up by Yayo

Let's keep the heat going! Press play and rap along with Yayo's hit single Run it Up ONLY on zinzabell.com!

Run It Up lyrics

Got people questionin how I AINT make it yet / you hear this voice at the label baby cut the checc / I don't think these niggas know who they fuccin wit / I GOT make a billion dollars on my buccetlist / if u ain't down wit me then u succ a dicc /and I never been one for no sucka Shit /  I AINT never drop a dime on no silly bitch / ima flip flip flip Until im REALLY rich /
I hit ur girl wit my gold on / the loud I'm smokin fuccin up the OZone / the clicqu and Hennessy be messing wit my liver / think u did it big b4 well I'm bout to bigger / I'm a real live east side Nigga /  u REALLY want that static bring ur whole team wit ya / that semi automatic wet ya blocc up / so bad that they can't mop up /   nobody tells 12 who hit ya / g shit / if they really need it tell em holla / I AINT never miss a spank that was ova 50 dollars / I b posted on the east side coolin wit my gualas / couple dollars in my denim baby u can't nobody tell me nada /   I crushin up grabba / feeling like a shotta / my thunder WORK magic call my Tre 8 ibaka / U don't want static , no friction no nada / 16 in a clip put em all in ya nargas / I'm focused my ni Moreno si sabe / pop clicq on the blocc everyday fell like Friday / lil bro fresh home smokin loud on the highway / new age sanatra boy I did it my way/ I ain't got a boss , I ain't gotta heart / paint ur ass wit these bullets call it body art / best closer in the city what u tryin start ?/hitin both sides of my town like I'm Central Park / whoa / the DEADY don in ur boyfriends nightmares gettin me FREDDY on / She love , she love me because my fetti long/ i could buy her ass a bag stroke her then b gone / she just want the moment she don't want the man / money's a powerful thing girl i understand / but I ain't the one

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