July 2017: Chaz "ALLBLCK" Morgan

He is probably the Creative mind behind many of your favorite rappers’ album artwork and creative publications.  It has been pretty fascinating watching him elevate and his designs getting recognized and mentioned by Hip Hop greats. Chicago designer Chaz “ALLBLCK” Morgan does not have to say much because his work speaks for self. He has worked with Trey Songz, Nelly, Lil Reese, Ciara, and Bad Boy's Red CafĂ© to name a few. But it is his work with Rick RossMaybach Music Group label that really got our attention. Most recently, designing the artwork for Meek Mill’s 3rd studio album Wins and Losses out  July 21st. Thank you for sitting down with Zinzabell & The Creative$ and talking to us about your artwork, clothing line, and making a living designing for music artists!

Peep below for our EXCLUSIVE interview with our Creative of the month Chaz “ALLBLCK” Morgan.

1. How did you get into designing?
I've always been into Art since I was 5-6 but I got into Graphic Design when I started at Columbia College Chicago. One of my good friends introduced me to Adobe Photoshop. From there, I taught myself how to create different images and use tricks to make them look exactly how I wanted to.

2. Who was the first celebrity with your work?
My first Celebrity Client was my Brooklyn Brother Red Cafe. He tweeted out that he needed some art for his project, "Above The Clouds". My twitter went crazy with replies. He followed me and DM'd me like "Let's see what you got!" and I killed it. We later met up through some mutual friends in Chicago Nightlife and became really cool. I continued to do more work with him. He's a Solid Dude.

3. Why did you choose the tag ALLBLCK?
Aside from me being Dark in Complexion, Black is the outcome of mixing all colors together. Essentially, That's what I think Art/Design is; using every experience and encounter in front of you to create something with that information.

4. How has hip hop/ music shaped or helped with your creativity or getting into your creative space?
I feel like it helped me by providing a platform for me to create visual narratives of some of the things that go on in the culture. I grew up on Hip-Hop and this genre was always about reporting what goes on in certain environments in America. With me being from some of these environments, It was easy for me to "paint" pictures for that was true to it's audience. It also help me figure out newer and sharper ways to appeal to a large number of viewers.
5. How has it been designing for Dreamchasers and Roc Nation?
Meek is a Solid dude. Since the first day we started working together, he's always been the same person. We are both loyal, talented, and level-headed so we've been a creative duo since 2012. He lets me create and gives honest feedback and appreciates what I do. Always a pleasure when we decide to collaborate. Roc Nation is a great company with the same dynamic. They support growth, encourage ideas, and value respect and integrity, a great place to be as an Artist of any kind.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone trying to follow in your footsteps?
Whatever you're creating had to come from a real place if you want real people to receive it. The only rule in art is either it works or it doesn't. Some people may not appreciate your art and that's fine, continue working until you've found your place of pure originality and build on it. Make sure your Art grows with you.

7. What's next?
Focusing on My Clothing Brand "Carpe Diem" and expanding my vision into other forms of design and mediums. I'm excited to see what other possibilities are out there.

8. Where can people follow/buy/support all of your work?
My latest collection of Carpe Diem is out now at http://www.seizedays.com. My Personal portfolio is http://www.alllblck.tumblr.com. All of my social media handles are @ALLBLCK

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