June 2017: Omar i$Lord

First day of June and we are back with a FRESH, NEW Creative of the Month! We caught up with Bronx native; Omar i$Lord to pick his mind and talk to the people! From creating music to creating his own fashion style, Omar is making his presence known in the hip hop scene. Peep below for our exclusive interview and everything Omar i$Lord ONLY on Zinzabell.com!!

Q: Tell us a little about your musical journey? How did you discover music as your creative outlet?
A: I began rapping at the age of about 14; funny story, I had a huge crush on a girl in middle school but I didn't have the guts to talk to her. I was super into poetry, I liked writing and creating in depth stories and all that. So I figured fuck it, imma write shawty a poem (poem did the job she was feeling the kid), but I still didn’t have the balls to seal the deal lmao. My older cousin G. Basqui would talk to me a lot about rap music. Also, my other older cousin Lightshine started rapping and was really good, so I figured, “well I already know how to write and structure rhymes so lemme give it a try” and the rest is history...

Q. What is a normal day like for you?
A: I’m still in the hood,but for the most part If I’m not with the family then I’m with friends or my lady. I do most of my creating outside the studio (usually get one in randomly when it comes to creating music); like I can give you a good verse in the spare of the moment depending on where my head is at.. I like to be out and about and go for strolls. I’m not really much of a homebody kind of guy nor am I one of those “work work work, studio studio studio” kinda niggas either. I’m not one to waste time in the studio and force creativity; it has to come natural to me and I have to want to be in full creative mood to make the best record I possibly can.

Q. So, when you are not making music what are you doing?
A: Getting lit, getting chips, or just macking really.  I do write and revise as much as I can during my spare time. Or just cooling getting jiggy at a function lol.

Q. What is one lesson you have learned during your music journey?
A: (They are so many, I don’t know how I’m going to just choose one!) I think I’ll go with the lesson that no one owes you anything! The fans don’t owe you a play or a view, the competition doesn’t owe you a friendly handshake or conversation, producers and engineers or other people you may pay services don’t really owe you top tier business, its all how you approach all of those things. The hardest part I feel is actually making someone realize that they really do like you, cause it seems difficult for them to understand why themselves, but with that comes knowing that you gotta just do you no matter what.

Q. What's the next move?!
A: My ASR family and I are actually planning our second annual end of the summer Cookout; more details on that soon, but you’ll see a first hand, the artists and groups we affiliate ourselves with and all of the love and genuine respect we have for each others crafts. we just wanna make good music and have a good time all while doing so.got a lot of work coming in the near future god willing so stay tuned! 

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