March 2017: Ceez

Great Day Creative$! Our Creative of the Month is here and we could not be more excited to share! For the month of March, we sat down with the New York native, Rhode Island adoptee, Ceez. Ceez has been working hard; having his songs like Pull Up play on Power 105, iTunes/Apple Music, as well as iHeart Radio. I have been following Ceez for a minute and we finally got him to talk to us about his success. Thank you for the exclusive Ceez! Peep below for the interview and all things Ceez!

Enjoy Creative$!

1. When did it hit you that you wanted to do music?
I started remaking songs and writing for fun around my freshman year in high school, it was one of my hobbies but I was into graffiti & chasin women so I didn't start taking it serious til I was about 21.

2. How did you come up with the name Ceez?
I was born Ceez! Haha, nah my birth name is Cesar, so naturally my homies either called me C, or Ceez.

3. Ok, so you are stranded on an island. What's the one album (sorry can't be yours lol) you are listening 2 and why?
If there's women on the island or even one woman on the island Ima have to go with 8701 by Usher, probably one of my favorite albums, if not, I'ma go with Nas' It Was Written, all around solid rap album mixing bars with the jiggy shit, influenced me a lot.

4. With every day obstacles, how do you stay grounded and focused?
Being honest, I struggle with focus daily; you just have to remind yourself of your goals and your progresses, put things in perspective, write things down, and keep a schedule!

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone creating music?
Make sure you doing it for the right reasons, and be prepared for a lotta funny shit/ fake shit in the game, put your heart in it and don't be afraid to jump when you need to.

6. What do you plan on accomplishing this year? 
This year is about content for me, making sure I have plenty visuals and the projects roll out right, go heavy with the merch and getting people on the wave. My most recent work is an EP I just dropped called 10:22, which has more of an R&B feel being that it dropped on Valentines Day. You can stream it HERE; it'll be up on the streaming services shortly ;-).

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