Rap Along With Z: I Was Wrong by Smoove Boy Jay ft Que Billionaire

Good afternoon Creative$! We are back with a fresh new Rap Along!  Press play and rap along with our guys Smoove Boy Jay's and Que Billionaire's I Was Wrong!

Supersonic Shawn Kemp on em 
Low volume lemme flex on em
Fake the balling throw the tech on em
Nike sponsor throw a check on em
Underrated when they doubted me
Overrated crossing boundaries
Foreign manners like I'm overseas
Couple numbers hit the lottery
Humble nigga never brag out
Bank robbers get the bag out
Knew me better as a broke nigga
Be surprised when I'm acting out

I spazz out
I black out
I walk in the mall and i cash out
Im milking the game thats a cash cow
Raymond felton how i back out
Exported clothes
That's a different fit
A Maserati's grab a different bitch
How woulda ever pictured this
I be in the game til my sneakers rip
Like mike when i came to ball
Stay with a tech thats a flagrant call
Got a nasty flow i might need a hall
Make it rain like a day in fall 

Make it rain like a rain forest
Cityscapes I'm a different tourist
Avoid the bull I'm a different Taurus
Sending flowers I'm a different florist
Went to church bring a different chorus
Smoking L's we take different losses
I get em sick hope these niggas nauseous
She taking dick I'm giving bitches offers

Her V dub that's a Volkswagen 
I'm pay per view closed caption
Call immortal like I'm Dracula
Spilling the blood up in ya Acura
Shit I'm crazy nigga Attica
Delta luggage tell em pack it up
Get this money nigga add it up
Then we flip it like a spatula

Watch the way a nigga count it up
Swagga dripping i be clouted up
Rowdy nigga hope he back it up
100 niggas have em packing up
Bust a move
Double cups and my eyes low
No bars where his lines go
Save ya money like it's geico
Have em lined like the yeezys dropped
Get the picture or you getting cropped
Open soda how she send the top
Severe seizure how this nigga dropped
Que B im the quarter back
Maragellas with a starter jacket
Ya niggas rapping with a starter pack
Ima show you where the starters at

Tyler Perry all you niggas bitches
Caitlin Jenner all you niggas switching
Arsonist I be burning bridges 
Vacay now we back to business
You don't want these problems all right
Don't you talk bout my mother or my brothers all right
I need my family living better
When it's cold I change a weather
My bitches ugly nigga never
If a bitch a dime I do her better

[Que]In the summer i wont sweater 
[Jay]Keep it G 7th letter
[Que]Couple shells im like shedder
[Jay] But if she choosing ima let her

Dynamic duo name a better one
I aint think so
You niggas better run
I be spazzing out they couldn't get enough
Top 3 like the jordan 1's
Mean backcourt like the phenix suns
Make em get the point like he's kristan dunn
Sending heat til the game is won 

Dion waters how i get it done

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