Rap Along With Z: Just Vibe by MoneySignHines Ft Hizelle

2017 is way underway and we here at zinzabell.com are ALWAYS working; making sure to bring you guys FRESH, NEW content! In our latest addition to the Rap Along catalog we bring you Just Vibe by MoneySignHines Ft Hizelle off MoneySignHines' latest project Carolina Farms. Carolina Farms is a selection of soulful sounds of beats and rhyme. The 8 track EP dives into the mind of 24 year old Bronx native and touches base on various topics such as the ups and downs of life INCLUDING beautiful women and police brutality.  As always click on the music link and follow along below! Enjoy!!

Gotta lead by example baby uh gotta lead by example baby

Do you believe in love at first sight one night no types
And all them other cliché fuck that he say she say
Do what you wanna do Call me when you coming through
She just wanna get high and get low
On some Lil Jon shit
I just wanna get mines and then go I'm just being honest
Had a nose ring for a week I was soul searching
Had a thing for the old me I was so certain
That you recognize the changes
All my Best friends said fell they
in love in strangers
And love is really dangerous maybe that's why
I don't trust anybody but you not just anybody
Your definition of breakfast in bed is not just
Pancakes bacon and eggs
Hold up
Adam gave up rib for you look like Eve on some ruff Ryder shit
With my paws on Tites
Since every dog has its day I'm trying bone by Saturday
Your brain makes me Salivate
I promise I won't take your time granted
This my story hope you understand it
From the hood might be romantic but I'm working it
Gotta come organic baby
Just vibe

Them other niggas lies and I'm the truth girl
You know I been spitting fly since a youth
The story never changed up
You know can link up
And smoke a couple spiffys
Man I love it when your hairs down your body so nice she jog around the city just to keep that body right
I write rhymes and ask her does my flow sound all right
She know the king gonna give her the world she always brag about me to her friends and the rest of her girls
Her hair is straight all winter curly all summer remember back
When she was fronting on the number
Now she riding with your boy top down with ya boy
She aint got no other choice cause I'm the fly check
Every time I pull up on the scene shorty always looking like a ting i love the way she put her words together D-Money you should here the way she sing

Just Vibe with a nigga music on blast one hand on the money other hand on your ass just Vibe smoke in the air
Let's pay truth are dare as we stare at the stars you a star in your own right
You know I'm right

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