January 2017: Hizelle

First feature of 2017 and of course I am giving it to my Family! This dude is nothing short of Creative! And is probably one of the fliest hipsters I know in the X and in life haha! Peep below for an exclusive interview with the Creative of the Month Hizelle ONLY on zinzabell.com!

1. What do you do when you are on a tight schedule?
I'm Only Working Right Now! So Usually On My Days Off That's When I'm Usually Working On Music Listening To Different Weathers... Reggae, R&B, Rock ETC, Just To Expanded My Sounds.

2. What made you want to produce music?
Since I Was About 10 I Been Around Musicians. I Learned How To Play Piano By Watching & Listening; To The Point All I Gotta Do Is Listen To Catch On To Piano Notes. With A Couple Practice Sessions I Can Master Notes

3. Who are your musical influence?
As Far As Producers/Artist... Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, and Pharrell. Those are My Top 3. But Rappers Overall; Jay-Z, BIG L, Biggie, & NAS.... I Love Their Rap Styles.. The GOATs!

4. Where do you see yourself this upcoming year?
I Could See My Self Doing More Music; Maybe A Upcoming Tape Who Knows 👀 Lol, But I'mma Take This As Far As I Could Take It. I Feel Like The Success Is Gonna Come Along With Time & Exposure. A Ni**a Way Too Talented To Just Let It Go To Waste!!

5. I see you also Rap tell us what got you into rapping?
Honestly I Always Wanted To Rap, I Just Never Had The Confidence Til I Met ASR And Met Young Ni**az That Weren't Afraid To Express Their Selves Threw Music.  I Than Felt Comfortable & Opened Up On The Mic. I Knew I Could Spit, But I Just Needed My Team To Verify If I Was Valid 1st Lol!

6. What's one of your favorite sayings?
"Life Is Anything You Wanna Make It"

7. What advice would you give someone trying to pursue their dreams?
Just Go For Yours!... Put Aside The Bullshit & The Negativity, Study Everything You Need The Answers To Become Successful & Just Go For It! Don't Let Nobody Tell You Can't, Cuz Anything Is Possible If You Just Believe In Yaself!!

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