December 2016: Mindset Different

Happy Holidays Creative$! It's the end of the year and we are so fucking ready to take over 2017!! We could not end the year without some end of the year inspiration. This is the perfect time to get into the right mindset and plan your takeover.  We bring you an exclusive interview with the master mind behind the Mindset Different brand.  Everyone has a different mindset and Pierre lets us in on his mindset and what made him pursue his dream of owning his own lifestyle brand.  Thanks to the folks over at Mindset Different for the exclusive! Happy New Year Creative$!


1. Tell us where you reside?

The Bronx, New York.

2. How did you know this was your calling?

I’d say when I was about 17-18, I had really started taking trips to the city with a friend of mines from high school  and he introduced me to basically like a whole new world of fashion that I wasn’t aware of at the time. Brands like Alife, Supreme, DQM, Mhiska NYC, Bape, etc. but I instantly gravitated towards these brands and it was like “these are the clothes I want to wear”, it was fly, different, expressive, and right away I just had a love for street wear apparel. When I was about 20-21 was when I decided I want to wear my own gear, make and own my own clothing, so that’s when I really started taking action to pursue it.

3. Tell us what made you decide to name your brand Mindset Different?

That’s how I just how I feel about myself and the people around me. I noticed all my close friends are all in different fields, whether it be playing ball, real estate, music, etc., but we’re all focused on one main goal which is provide for our families to the upmost, enjoying life and living it to the fullest, and leaving behind a legacy. I feel we all know our true purpose of why we’re here on this earth and every day we’re working towards it to get there no matter what roadblocks we may have along the way. I was aware of this and this just made me feel like “I’m different”, “we different”, it was just simple, and at the end of the day all are mindset’s are different from each other, how we view certain things and perceive certain  things in life, so everyone can resonate with this.

4. I see a lot of hip hop influences in your pieces, who are some of your favorite artist, and who are you listening to now?

Honestly, I’m inspired by new artist the younger generation of hip hop a lot. I have the upmost respect for the pioneers of hip hop, but I’m liking the new wave of hip hop and seeing how it’s been evolving, because I feel the youth is the real culture, they’re the ones that really predict what’s hot and what’s not, so you have to embrace it. But some artist I’m listening to right now is my brother HG, Nipsey Hussle, Kevin Gates, Kemba from the Bronx, MIG from Yonkers, J Cole, A boogie, etc. I just like good music, music that gives you that feeling to keep inspiring.

5. What advice do you have for anyone pursuing their dreams? 

Never quit, if you believe in something then keep at it no matter what. Have a definite goal, strive to get better every day, surround yourself with good people, keep trying, don’t be afraid to fail, and just keep grinding at perfecting whatever you choose to pursue in life.



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