Rap Along With Z: Motivation By Omar i$Lord

Our new Rap Along is here! In our new addition of Rap Along With Z we bring you Motivation by Omar i$Lord. Omar i$Lord is a young Bronx, NY native who's currently emerging through its Hip-Hop/Rap scene with new school and old school flow. Watch out for this guy right here! Make sure you check his new project Gloomberg 16' available now! Enjoy! 

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Keep yo eyes open 
Keep yo eyes open 

On god I feel like I been chosen 
To Load this clip and kill yo moment  

And I got 

Enemies that be frenemies
that don't want me to win
Well apparently 
See my grills when I grin 
I want several gz
Take a shot to the head like a Kennedy 

Good pussy brings motivation 
Getting money motivational 
Get ya money then change locations 
Motherfuckers love to see you lose 
I ain't for the Jazz give a nigga blues 
You won't like when I Spazz end up in the news 
I just pray that this craft brings me revenue 
Make a lick of a hit I need several 

Good pussy brings motivation 
She fucking niggas to my mixtape 
Homie focused trying not to nut
So he bumping this shit like this shit great 
On the block with the shit like dikembe
We is not with the shits we need 10K

Plays and all 
I'm balling I go all in 
Gravity money my paper falling 
Leave bodies in creeks like I know dawson
Bitch I need to eat you see I'm starving 
Can't handle my wave I think I lost em 
Whores give top like floors that you see lofts in
Rock stussy or preme Like They endorsed me 
Safe to say my threads are kinda costly 
Bitch my tee cost me a pair of Jordan's 
Pasta with the fits my shits be saucing 

Know I got it
Got it 
Got it 
Got it 

You could spot it
Spot it 
Spot it 
Spot it 

Every cent I earned must be accounted 
Every cent I earned must be accounted 

Take a peak at me over the mountain 
All the shit I speak simply astounding 
Niggas to funny like they be clowning  
Knock you off your horse as if we jousting  

( Hook )

All my rebels busting shots
At you niggas at the top yea yea 
Got the drop if my Rebels wanna plot yea yea 
You'll get popped with the shit we do not stop yea yea 
We is not 
Ever ever gonna stop 

All my rebels busting shots
At you niggas at the top yea yea 
Got the drop if my Rebels wanna plot yea yea 
You'll get popped with the shit we do not stop yea yea 
We is not 
Ever ever gonna stop 

( Beat Switch ) 

God son I'm ill Matic
Got expensive fabrics 
You can't even match it
While I'm eating cabbage 
Niggas moving backwards
Your shit never mattered 
Nigga cut the chatter 

I'm the don of this  

Turning up in the calmest fit

ASR we done started this 

We stay lit like some arsonist 

So explosive we just bomb the shit 

What's your motive 
Nigga's Trynna blow up
Everytime we roll up 

You lack confidence 

Watch me show up 
Treat it like a doughnut
Get my bread while I roll 

Dawg I must admit 

All you mafuckers average 
won't see you pop like a bastard 
Trynna get money like fafsa
Legal money slow but I need it faster 


Good pussy brings motivation
Getting money motivational 
Baking up that cheese cake 
For the future 
The shit is sentional
I ain't gone wait for you 

Fuck around you gon slow me up 

Nigga trapping out medication 
See me walk with the E I need bigger bucks 
I just walk when ya speak cause you niggas sus
And I feel so elite even out the mud 
I ain't smoke in some weeks hit me with the skud 
Know My click do so right they wan copy us 
But we move like supreme we just one of one 
And you niggas so fake ya just one and done 
DJ Khaled with this make another one 
And another one and another

Listen I just want the profit 

All of you cats need to stop it 

All that of that shit is trash niggas super ass 
Man I'm just being honest 

I need a trip to the tropics 

You need to find better topics

Get in your bag, your songs is ass 

Iight man I'm just being honest 



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