Rap Along With Z: 4pm On The O (Freestyle) By Smoove Boy Jay

In our newest addition to Rap Along With Z we bring you the lyrics to Smoove Boy Jay's 4PM On The O freestyle. This guy is family right here, so I need y'all to show him hella love!!! Be on the look out for Jay's upcoming projects; 90s Baby dropping later this year and Midas dropping 1st quarter next year. In the meantime make sure to follow Smoove Boy Jay on Twitter and IG. Enjoy!

[Smoove Boy J]:
I should've threw me a party wylin in Boston
But instead I stayed a Yankee
That outfield with Kenny Lofton
I think I lost em
Charles Bronson
I'd kill
meet the mayor
Put my fam on shoulders
The city be prepared
I'm in a rut
And I'd be the first to admit it
I wanna leave my city
Come back and never forget it
Who wasn't happy with OJ getting acquitted
Salt in the old wombs
Forbidden fruit was acidic
They still don't get it
I'm speaking on higher wisdom
Hard shell with diamond prisms
The power like Sonny liston
Look what Sonny listed
You sonny and Cher the misfit
Rugrats in my path
You niggas listen to LipShitz
Yeah that's word of mouth
I'm the nigga that you heard about
You should be happy that I choosing this path for that murder route
It ain't the same look
different chapters reading out the same book
U wanna be the best thief ya idolizing the same crooks
It's a shame rook at least that's what all of the vets say
King for my City
You Queens like where the Mets play
Turret spray
War time jet slayin
the best way
Gliding to my goal
The best ever like Gretzky
Momma asked me what's my 5 year plan
I told her it wasn't for me not a 5 year man
Da hood looking like I couldn't make the 5 year stand
All my goals should be met within a 5 year span
Childhood would've told you there ain't no hope in em
Done seen enough roses turn dead
Hoping they grow again
Wishing for 95 starks, Ewing and oak again
Reminisce about your glory days
Hoping they notice em
I'm from a city where if trump win we shooting
I ain't worried but whats yours what's mine
Nigga we looting
You ain't gotta teach a grad about nothing
He ain't a student
Nowadays we only talk
So that action don't mean we moving
My brother's daughter almost 3 now
how time flies
It seem like yesterday when a newborn was on my timeline
Fast forward my godson is in the picture
Took the frames to make some figures
I figured I'd be that nigga
I'm getting sicker
My patience is getting thinner
Cold shoulder, I've been waiting since late December
I ain't no average nigga
Dash of a savage nigga
Lavish texture grabbing cabbage nigga
Don't you ever forget that baggage nigga.


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