Rap Along With Z: Mic Check By Demi Day

In our new addition of Rap Along With Z, Zinzabell.com brings you Demi Day! Demi Day is a hip hop artist originally from Maryland. She began her career as a spoken word artist in Malibu, California. Peep below for her song and lyrics for Mic Check; off her latest project "Word To Langston Hughes"Stay woke!

** Demi Day will be performing at the Beats & Eats stage at the Taste of DC Festival October 8th @1pm. 

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Verse 1:

Hip Hop done took a turn for the worse

I’ll lay it out on this verse

These type of words will have you up in a hearse

They say I’m coming in first

But nevermind that

I bringin' time back

The second hand of God mixed with the high hat

Offering plate go around like where your rhymes at

Broke ass rappers without a dime to the mind

Musically blind need I remind cats

Of how we use to pounce on these lines

Bar for bar, straight out the car, 40 ounce, with that nine

Walked the streets like we divine

But you don’t know what that is

Spin the record, spit some knowledge to these young Black kids

Back spin wiz

Pave yellow brick roads

I’m mapping the flow

Might just earn yourself a heart

That’s if you happen to go

You never know what kinda hand'll be dealt

Don’t play them cards for yourself

Poker face if you demanding that wealth

Like stealth when I quit being politically correct

Taking steps of retrospect

Mic check before I wreck

Mic check before I wreck

Verse 2:

I couldn't careless of if industry is feelin' me

I'm finna be the only woman lit with all this energy

I swear the God, I'm not at all what others might pretend to be

Mentally, I’ll take these rappers back to elementary

Fundamentally I switch it up

They love the breaks and such

I never give too much

but just enough to come and overflow the cup

Forever clutch everytime that I go about it

Fully grounded surrounded by sound to keep 'em all drowning

They dumbfounded the way that I’m compounding the heat

Got 'em astounded, climbing mountains, hittin' the clouds at my peak

I got 'em scared let a young girl speak

They talkin' bout I can’t compare, well watch a young girl preach

They lessons I teach, will have these people up on they feet

They doubted me, but now finna watch a young girl be

Undoubtedly the best up and coming young emcee

I got the key

Bare witness to the way I unleash this inner beast

Mic check before I wreck

Mic check before I wreck


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