September 2016: DreamAfrica

Name: Franco Abott
Location:New York, NY
Twitter/IG: @wedreamafrica
Google Play Store: DreamAfrica

Our September feature of the month is here and I could not be any happier. This fell in my lap at a perfect time; as September is back to school for a lot of our youngings. Pretty sure I just found a cool, innovative way to get our future scholars, educators, and parents excited about learning. So peep, DreamAfrica™ is a digital African-themed platform that delivers engaging and educational family friendly storybooks, audiobooks, music and videos/animations. The Co-Founder happens to be a really good friend of mine from Lafayette College.  Franco formed a deep belief that we all inherently have something to contribute and share because of our unique backgrounds. Following his passion for entrepreneurship and love for Africa, Franco helped build DreamAfrica for everyone with a story to be heard. See below for Franco's interview with!

1. Hey Franco tell us what is behind the name of your app DreamAfrica?
Africa has been one of the biggest victims of the danger of one story. DreamAfrica app seeks to give voice to communities that have not had the voice to share their story no matter where they are whether in Africa, US, France or even Brazil!

2. What inspired you to create DreamAfrica?
Being in NY, Brian Asingia was appalled by the lack of African and general underrepresentation of African and multilingual identities in digital media. We decided to leverage our technology and business skills and passion for storytelling to create DreamAfrica as a marketplace and home for stories that bring you home. Now DreamAfrica hosts authentic multicultural and multilingual stories from not only Africa but also 6 year old author of Guess Who, Mr. Dinosaur?, and Irene Booker!

3. What's next for DreamAfrica?
Look to hire African Tech/Literature interns from local colleges to act as DreamAfrica Fellows. Attain 10 paying schools and 1000 family subscribers in each of the European, African, American continents. And finally, create a series of platforms and apps for different age groups including teens and adults in addition to families.

4. For all the kids who inspire to be Great what is one piece of advice you'll give them?
My advice is start now. Find the first opportunity you can find that aligns with your dreams and start. When you meet challenges pour on your passion to fire up your resilience to take on the challenge by becoming more creative. And last, be patient with yourself. Like Stepher Covey says “self growth is  tender, it’s holy ground; there’s no greater investment”.

5. How can we join DreamAfrica or get involved?
Join us by simply downloading DreamAfrica app and share our story with your friends and family.


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