Rap Along With Z: The Feeling By HG

One of my favorite tracks off XXV To Life! This one is a CLASSIC and will transcend time. Light one for the kid, press play, and rap along!

[Verse 1: HG]
I just want the feeling
The feeling of me living off the energy I'm given
And I'm riding through the city top down windows tinted
Wind blowing so you know the vibe feel it in a minute (Hmm)
Take me on another high, fight for your love I'm a lover now
Body so mean through my 3rd eye, got you all hot like the summer time (Hmm)
Ain't never tryna cool off, in between your legs thats the pool huh
Swimming through your body I'm a pool shark, light so bright lemme turn em off (Hmm)
This my jam, ain't tryna be your man, lets hang out lets have no plans, hold my hands while I grab that ass (damn)
So damn sexy bless me, steal your heart then arrest me test, lets be clear ain't no resting, best thing, six a.m. if you let me get me?
She like why you ain't get it already
Close your eyes and undress me ready
Let me fly this ain't high like any
Stop the talk and come get this, ready?

[Bridge: Mick Jagger]

[Verse 2: HG]
Lights so bright, scene so mean
Slow it down for me, sipping on the lean
Hooked to this life, feeling like a fein
Everything I want, living in dream
Ecstasy, be the death of me
Get next to me, see the best of me
Tripping, flipping, slipping, I know it could be so different
But I'm lost tonight, I'm feeling like I'm losing sight, I'm in it (uh)
Save me, baby, pay me, lately
And I'm too fly but I'm so high
I'm truth baby, I won't lie
So gone it got my eye wide shut, girl I'm stuck
Its just me and you, you're so beautiful
This round 2, lets get it oh, oh, oh



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