Made in St. Croix

Kai Nielsen [@planet_fk] x Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa
One of the smartest, most conscious individuals I know PERIOD. I always make sure to keep positive people that are always going to give me different perspectives, challenge my thoughts, and encourage me to be the best me possible around. I met Kai at Lafayette College; he was my best friend's Zuri's roommate. Since I met you sr. I knew we would be family forever. As we progress and continue to grow so does our love for music, art, and progression. I am so happy you have found music and art to send powerful messages to our generation and our culture. You have so many talents and knowledge to spread for generations to come and I am grateful to be part of the movement.  I am glad we are able to show the world how we rise from nothing (literally) and becoming the GREATS we have been destined to be.


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